Choosing a Babysitter

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Twelve years old should be the absolute minimum. Younger children do not have the emotional or physical maturity to deal with many of the problems that could arise. A good rule of thumb is the younger the children being watched, the older the babysitter should be.


Sitters should provide references that indicate a proven track record for showing good common sense, maturity and following instructions.

First Aid

Sitters should have first aid training and know the Heimlich maneuver to help choking victims. Knowledge of CPR techniques for infants and children is also important. Make sure the sitter knows where your first aid kit is located.

No Surprises

There should be no surprises on either side. Before a sitter is left alone with the children, fees, house rules, discipline, etc. should be clearly discussed.


Sitters should always err on the side of caution. If a babysitter suspects that a child in their care needs professional medical help, they should get it, even if it later turns out to be unnecessary.

House Rules

Make sure everyone understands the "house rules"in terms of what is permissible, for both the sitter and the children. Examples include whether or not guests are allowed, guidelines for telephone use, permissible snacks,etc.

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