habit suck thumb or other finger

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Have a habit suck thumb or other finger. Usually, this situation happens to a baby aged around 18 months. But sometimes still found in the pre-aged children even up to age 6 years and above.

Most children who have a habit suck thumbs have the object or goods that are often held, such as blankets, toys, clothes or hair their own.There are opinions that suck thumbs habits because of the small and health

Another opinion says that suck thumbs sexual expression is the baby that emotional disturbance at the age of baby. Most assume suck thumbs means satisfying yourself that you can eliminate stress

Some problems can be caused due to habits such as thumb suck:

1. Dental problems, if this habit survive until the age of 4 years and it will cause maloklusi milk and permanent teeth, can also cause problems in the bone-bone around the mouth. Found in the high-risk children who suck thumbs at the time of day and night.
2. Abnormal fingers, with the suck continue to occur hiperekstention fingers, form kalus, irritation, eczema, and paronikia (nail fungus).
3. Psychological effects on children will decrease self-confidence as children often children by their parents or relatives.
4. Not accidentally poisoned, children who suck thumbs exposed to high virulence that is not deliberate, for example Pb poisoned.
5. Channel dissolved the risk of infection increases.

When the need to intervene?

Before the age of 4 years suck thumb is normal and not related to disruption of social function and grow children. This behavior must be considered not important and does not require special treatment for health. In general, there is no need to do to children aged 4 years old because most will disappear after the age of 4 years and there are no complications arising before this age.

Interventions that parents can do are:

1. Knowing the cause.
Before treatment begins habits children daily to know including how children adapt to the surrounding environment. When the spark emotional factors and psychological therapy found the child begins.
2. Strengthen the child.
Therapy must begin with children's participation, cooperation, and the most important interest is to stop the habit. Parents are reminded not to provide punishment to the child because the child will refuse to stop this habit.

When this habit settled after 4 years children begin the intervention is done with behavior modification and how some of the positive approach that is:

* Remind children
Note or a calendar that says the success of the child does not suck thumbs
* Gifts
Stickers, story books, special behavior, or vacation time with parents when children suck free one day
* Respect
Respect of children when not suck thumbs
* Provide a bitter substance
Given the thumbs in the morning, night and the time children startsuck thumbs

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