Keeping Children Stay Healthy teeth

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When should a child start to take regular visits to the dentist? Whether children aged 3 years and already have started brush teeth? Questions such as these Frequently Asked by the parents. Parents often feel in doubt about the right time to start caring for their children's teeth.

When The Right Time To Start Caring for Children's Health?

Dental treatment should be started in the right even before the baby's first teeth start to grow. Although not visible, the teeth actually have since the second trimester of pregnancy. At the time of birth, a baby already has 20 teeth

Dental damage can occur in infants when their parents have a lack of good habits such as leaving a baby to bed with a bottle susu dimulutnya. According to several children's dentist, practices such as this can damage the teeth if the baby is kept constant. Sugar is found in the attached susu hold teeth in infants during the long hours can damage tooth enamel. Initially the color changes can occur on the front teeth. Long run if the left can arise hole teeth. Parents should also get time to drink milk because the regular bottles suck susu continuously throughout the day can damage the baby's teeth.

Are My Children need to go to The Dentist?

Child's teeth should be examined at a special dental care for children or a regular dentist referred to children (Pediatric dentist). Dentists can treat a variety of children's dental problems commonly faced by children.

Children's dental work with the goal of prevention of health problems arise before the teeth, and treatment through regular inspections in order to keep teeth and gum health
How to Prevent Dental emergence hole?

Should a child be taken to visit the dentist at the age of one year. Dentist will explain how to clean the teeth is good and true. Dentist also will check the dental health of children. Initial visit as it can help identify problems that may arise. In addition, this visit can make children the habit and is not afraid of the dentist.

Hole teeth can arise because the food attached to the teeth and is not cleared immediately. Food will form a kind of oxygen that can damage the teeth layers. When the layer of the teeth broken teeth akan relief hole.

Brush teeth at least twice a day can keep the health services. Children age 2 or 3 years have started to use toothpaste when tooth brush provided with the supervised parent. Toothpaste that does not need to be many. Make sure that children spit out after tooth paste tooth brush.

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